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We Modern Makers

Welcome to We Modern Makers. Our mission here is to deliver you the absolute best content on all products in the DIY woodworking, smithing, and welding trades. Come join us in building a better 21st century.

Forging Our Future...

Even today, blacksmithing is a rewarding and beautiful form of craftsmanship. Here at We Modern Makers, you will find everything you need to begin the process of learning to smelt, forge, and smith your very own intricate works of art.  

Joining Past to Present...

Welding is a priceless tool for any tradesman, and the demand for a skilled welder is only growing. Find out which tools and techniques will benefit you most in your endeavors. 

Turning Quantity to Quality...

Woodworking is not only beautiful, the craftsmanship behind it is designed to last a lifetime. We Modern Makers will give you every tool and guide you need to develop those life-long skills.


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