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Whittling Set by Beavercraft

At some point in every project, whittling and chiseling an inlay becomes an almost essential way of putting your own personal signature on your work. Whether that be a literal carving of your name, or putting a creative and unique design into your woodworking piece. You’re going to need a set of whittling knives for this kind of work, and the folks over at Beavercraft have created this set just for you.

Beavercraft is a young company. They set out to take the carving market by storm about five years ago in 2014. However, the creators of the comany weren’t out for money. They were in search of proper woodworking knives for their own projects and couldn’t really hone in on what they wanted. And thus, Beavercraft woodworking knives were born.

What You get in the Whittling Set

This product seeks to separate itself from the pack not only by creating a unique and quality product, but by packaging all of the essential carving tools you’d need for a project from the beginning to the end. This whittling set comes with the following:

For the pricepoint, beavercraft has managed to include a pretty good set of essentials for the beginning of any whittling knive set.

The Ergonomics

One of the best parts of Beavercraft and their knives are the way they are designed to fit comfortably in the hand. The slight teardrop shape of the polished wooden handles mimic the shape of your palm when you’re grasping the knife, which makes blade control and precision easier to manage than using a pocket knife. Whittling is a time consuming and often fragile process, you need to have the ability to control how much wood you take away with each cut, and exactly where that cut is going to be made. These handles will allow you to do just that.

Whittling Blades

These blades come from the factory sharp! They’re quality control over at their production facility is top notch, and doesn’t allow for a bad product to leave its grounds. These UK carvers don’t mess around when it comes to keeping a sharp edge, and you’ll be surprised when you receive your knives and they carve like a hot knife in butter right out of the box. Most blades you purchase either in store or online seldom come with a working edge that requires zero attention out of the packaging, so this is just proof that Beavercraft cares about their product, and their customer.

Roughing Knife

The roughing knife blade in this set comes with a hefty two inch blade. For most projects, this knife should have more than enough blade surface to take away large pieces of wood. Getting more done for less work is the aim for everyone nowadays and this roughing knife sticks to that motto. The body of the blade is thick enough that you aren’t going to bend it while digging, but also just the right thickness to make dragging it through feel like a proper carve instead of a split.

Cutting Knife

The cutting knife is essential for digging in to create proper divots, offsets, and hard-angles in your project. The cutting knife from Beavercraft comes in at almost one and a half inches long, but the difference between the roughing knife and cutting knife is that the cutting knife blade is made with a sharpened point perfect for digging. With the combination of all three of these knives you are well on your way to whittling out your next inlay or sculpture.

Detail Knife

The detail knife in this set comes with a slight spoon top on it, allowing you to place pressure with your finger on top of the blade easier than a traditional straight blade. This is just another example of how Beavercraft has really taken blade control into account in their design. Whether you’re trying to inlay the perfect stop cut for a sharp inset design, or you’re looking to make a deeper inset gouge in the project, the detail knife gives you just enough blade to make applying the correct amount of pressure for the cut easy.

The Accessories

As an added bonus to an already generous offer, Beavercraft includes a sharpening leather strop and a polishing stone compound for finishing the edges of your blades after you’ve sharpened them. This is absolutely essential for maintaining a strong working edge on your whittling blades, and having them included in your bundle will make the maintenance process all the smoother. With a sturdy canvas roll, you have everything you could possibly need for designing your next piece. 


Whittling knives come in various shapes and sizes, with differences in blades varying vastly from one to the next. The attention to detail and finish in the handles and the blade shapes and sizes themselves are a step up from other whittling knives. Beavercraft has done a great job at creating a bundle that not only ties together each type of basic whittling knife in a set, but also gives you the added bonus of a leather stop and polishing compound for maintaining your blades. All within a nice canvas tool roll to keep your set organized and tidy. There aren’t many sets that come this complete and ready to go out of the box as what Beavercraft has provided, and We Modern Makers believes that this is the perfect product for you and your introduction to detailed fine woodworking, whittling, and inlaying.

As a disclaimer, the link to this product is through our amazon affiliate sponsorship. Although we are working in affiliate with amazon, Beavercraft has not endorsed us and we are not swayed from writing an objective and unbiased review for our readers. If you’d like to support us, please purchase with our link; or go to amazon and purchase it without. Either way, we appreciate you using We Modern Makers as a source for information and thank you for keeping this site going.


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