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Betterforge Tong Set

Tongs come in a varying shapes and sizes. The Betterforge Tong set aims to give you an introductory pair of blacksmithing tongs to get you on your way. While these pliers are a bit on the more expensive side of tools, you’d rather pay for something that lasts you a lifetime and properly holds what you’ve worked on for countless hours than losing progress and killing your drive.

Different Tong Shapes

Tongs come in varying shapes and sizes. The Betterforge Tong set comes with two types of pliers, the wolf jaw tong and the v-bit tong. These are arguably two of the more important types of tongs for bladesmithing as the jaw cut outs shape well to blade dimensions. The claim is that with this two pairs of tongs, you’ll be able to tackle most beginner friendly blacksmithing projects with ease as they are the most well rounded tongs with a large variety of applications.


A good pair of tongs should last you a lifetime of smithing. These tongs from Betterforge are made from a high quality steel stock built to last you well through your lifetime of your blacksmithing career. Betterforge ensures that all tongs are crafted with the highest of quality in mind, and each pair is inspected before it leaves the factory for quality assurance. 

Wolf Jaw Tongs

Wolf Jaw tongs are your “jack of all trades” tongs that you can use in a multitude of applications. Betterforge claims to have made these tongs one of the most universal pairs you can get in the industry, and we believe that with the notch placement and the 16 inch handle grip that they may be on the money. While these tongs are a bit expensive for a newcomer, we believe that the applications and ease of use for a first time blacksmith will help alleviate the stress of using a lesser pair. Overall, we found that these wolf jaw tongs work in more obscure gripping positions and are more well suited to round or square stock, less so for railroad ties than the V Bit tongs.

V Bit Tongs

The V Bit tongs included in this set from Betterforge are made to accommodate a wide  variety of stocks, but most notably they were designed around use with railroad spikes. The handles come in at an 18 inch length, which gives you plenty of leverage for grip without having to break your fingers holding onto your piece. These tongs make for a great working tong and we found that the grooves notched out into the jaws are the perfect shape for fitting not only rail spikes, but also rebar and squarestock as well. 

The Final Verdict

We Modern Makers set out to test these tongs for durability and ease of use, because bringing newcomers into the hobbyist trades is important to use. This Betterforge tong set does somewhat reach outside of the realm of being budget friendly, but overall the thought is if you’ve made it this far into building your blacksmith toolset, you’re going to see what value a quality tool has and therefore will realize that these tongs will be more than capable of helping you tackle your next project. The build quality of these tongs is superb, and we believe that they will stand the test of time since they are made of a high quality steel as opposed to a standard cast set. 

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