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Blacksmith Forges

Hells Kitchen Single Burner Forge

An American made Forge, the Hells Kitchen Single Burner Forge aims to give you everything you’d expect with a single burner forge, and some versatility in its altered design aspects. See what We Modern Makers thinks in our review.

Cast Masters Forge Furnace with Crucible

Smelting metal is one of the most iconic parts of blacksmithing. Cast Masters aims to deliver the ability to smelt metals up to 5 kg at temperatures up to 2700 degrees in this Furnace with crucible included. Check out our product review and see if this furnace can bring the heat.

Simple Single Burner Blacksmith Gas Forge

Budget friendly and blacksmith forge aren’t keywords you typically see together, and for good reason. The materials used to make a proper blacksmithing forge aren’t necessarily on the cheap side. Check out this Simple Single Burner Blacksmith Gas Forge and see if cutting cost and size still allows you to heat steel.

Hell's Forge Portable Propane Forge

A proper forge is the number one tool in any aspiring blacksmiths arsenal. Choosing the right forge, whether it be a homebrew self made forge or one you buy, the entire process can feel overwhelming. Hell’s Forge aims to aide you by making an accessible and affordable forge, so We Modern Makers decided to test it and see if it has the heat. 

Stainless Single Burner Forge

Your standard single burner forge kit, this time in a stainless variant. We take a look at the small differences between this cost efficient forge compared to others in its price range, to see whether this is the setup to fit the needs of a novice, or if you should continue looking elsewhere.


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