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Caiman American Made Gloves

Its no question that We Modern Makers loves American made products. Another thing we take very seriously is personal protection equipment and safety. These Caiman American Made Gloves are crafted with comfort and safety in mind. These are a rather large pair of gloves, and are on the pricier side of heat resistant gloves in the industry. Read more to find out whether they’re what you’re looking for. 

About Caiman

Caiman has been in the space of creating personal protection apparel for a wide variety of applications for just over 30 years. Located on the west coast in California, they develop and manufacture some of the highest quality and stylish safety apparel in the industry. They even offer up opportunities to manufacture your own custom label apparel in lower quantities. 

The Materials

Caiman spares no expense in providing a quality product with these heat resistant gloves. The one size fits all design comes in at about 21 inches in length, with a quick release pull strap to cinch the glove down to the arm keeping them in place. Inside the glove you’ll find a nice amount of padding throughout the forearm and elbow areas of the glove, giving you some added comfort and insulation when leaning against a surface. 

The exterior materials used in crafting these heat resistant gloves come in a couple different varieties. Throughout the length of the glove you’ll find genuine american tanned deerskin to provide that lightweight heat resistance further away from the working end. Down along the fingers and hand, however, a stronger leather patch made from boar hide to provide further protection to heat.

Final Verdict

These Caiman American Made Gloves for blacksmithing or welding are an industry first in length, coming in at 21 inches. The cotton fleece internal lining is lightweight enough to not feel overly cumbersome while you’re working. Overall, the gloves are fairly form fitting and provide enough dexterity for use, and they’re definitely more comfortable than some of the heavier heat resistant gloves we’ve used in the past. However, if you’re looking for more hand control and something a little lighter weight and less cumbersome these might not be for you. The fact that these gloves are made and manufactured here in the USA is a big bonus to us, as we believe strongly in supporting homegrown manufacturers. Safety wise, these gloves are well worth the cost as they provide more coverage and protection than your average heat resistant glove on the market, all while maintaining a comfortable feeling inside. 

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