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Darkx Welding Magnets

Having an extra set of hands isn’t always something you have access to when working on your latest project. A good set of clamps can sometimes solve this problem. But for more complex angles and configurations, Darkx attempts to provide a simple solution to this issue with their 8 piece Welding Magnet set. 

An 8 piece Welding Magnet Set

This set of magnets from Darkx provides you with the ability of creating 45, 90, and 135 degree angles. The overall width of the magnets is about 2 inches face to face, and come with a pulling force of about 50 pounds. These are fairly strong magnets with a nice protective facing all the way around. Our only gripe is that the facing edges slightly protrude from the magnets themselves, leaving a little air gap and not allowing them to truly connect to the metal surface.

The Big Magnets

The larger magnets in this set come in four pieces. Overall, they’re about 4 inches in length with the same thickness as the smaller magnets at about 2 inches. What we like about these magnets is that they don’t come to a point, but rather have a flat working surface at the tip of them, allowing for some extra angle work around a table when configuring them together. We were able to make a nice step up guard for our welding leads to cover the input holes just as a little test project.

The Small Magnets

The Smaller set in this Darkx Magnet Set come in a “broad head” variety, giving you more flat surfaces to work from instead of coming to a point like your more traditional magnets. These magnets are a little more square in design, coming in at just over 2 inches in face length by 2 inches in width making them more ideal for smaller situations. 

The Final Verdict

Magnets are something often overlooked by newcomers when they begin to build their welding tool set. The amount of flexibility and aid in project design a good set of magnets can provide is unmatched, which is why We Modern Makers decided to bring them onto the radar. A lot of companies will try to charge an arm and a leg for a good welding magnet. Darkx attempts to give you a rather value friendly set with 8 pieces, and while the strength of the magnets could be a little stronger, for the cost of the set an the amount of flexibility offered we believe they are a staple for a welders tool set.

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