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Dewalt 6 inch Table Vise

A table vise is a staple in any tradesmen’ arsenal. The Dewalt 6 inch Table Vise comes in fairly strong for its pricepoint. Between a 6 inch opening jaw, a rotating swivel base with base locks, an easy to rotate jaw adjustment screw; this vise meets all your needs for your typical project and at a consumer friendly price. 


If you’re on this page, and looking for a proper vise for your setup, chances are you know exactly who Dewalt is. But, I’m sure you didn’t know that Dewalt was established in 1922 when the owner Raymond DeWalt perfected the first woodworking machine for increased productivity. Two years later in 1924, the first DeWalt tool production facility came to fruition, producing the “Wonder-Worker”, which was a saw table that could be configured 9 different ways. Needless to say, DeWalt has been a pioneer in the woodworking industry for nearly a century. 

6 inches of adjustment

You get what you pay for in this vise. Its pretty self explanatory, bu the DeWalt 6 inch vise has a full jaw stroke of 6 inches from inside to inside. Other competitors within this price range are usually around the 4 or 5 inch mark, so you definitely get a little more here. The handle slides through the screw head well enough during operation. The jaw glides fairly well, but we feel as this mostly attributes to the amount of clearance between the base and outer jaw shafts. This is nice for operation, but also leaves things feeling a little sloppy. 

This Vise...GRIPS

Its rather typical for your standard vise to come with textured grip plates to act as an anti-slip face. DeWalt keeps to the standard by providing a nice cross hatched anti slip surface on both sides of the jaw on this 6 inch vise. One thing this vise does lack, is a secondary inner vise for doing rounded work or pipe work, which is a bit disappointing to say the least, but they compensate for this by giving you a higher overall grip width for the price. 

A Solid Vise Anvil

Granted, you’re not going to be doing any heavy blacksmithing work on this 6 inch vise. But, for what its worth, you get a pretty smooth and sturdy surface to beat against to remove your stray nail or flatten over that piece of sheet metal you’re wrapping around your project. But, as we said already, you’re not going to be beating a heated piece of steel against this thing, at least not very effectively. 

Sturdy Swivel Base

The swivel base on this DeWalt 6 inch vise is pretty easy to operate and gives you plenty of wiggle room for rotation. The turn locks are fairly close to the base of the vise, which can make them somewhat cumbersome to operate. We found it easiest to tighten them down by using the closed end of a combination wrench or a small piece of pipe. 

The Base

The entire vise is made out of 30,000 PSI cast iron, so needless to say it’s rather sturdy. The mounting bolt flange comes in a 3 hole pattern. Take note that DeWalt does not give you mounting hardware for this vise. We Modern Makers used some grade 8 1/2 inch diameter bolts to secure our base to its bench, and it held fairly sturdy. Of course, there are more factors that come into play when testing the sturdiness of the vise; but as far as the equipment itself goes, it delivers on everything it needs to. 

The Final Verdict

DeWalt is a fairly strong name brand within the woodworking industry. Having such a rich history in creating and developing tools for the working man definitely gives them a leg up. What surprises us most about DeWalt and their tools, is that despite their strong presence and history of the brand they maintain a level headed and consumer friendly pricing on a majority of their products. This is a great vise for the price. Though there are a few things missing that we tend to look for here at We Modern Makers, that doesn’t derail from the fact that this is a great working vise and a very welcoming introduction into building that first trade shop. 

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