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Estwing Welding/Chipping Hammer

Slag removal is an important part of welding, not just for the overall aesthetic of it but to also remove pollutants from a weld. Estwing is a big name in hammers within the industry, but as with any established brand comes a price. This review will cover everything Estwing has to offer with this chipping hammer and whether or not it’s right for you.

About Estwing

Estwing has been making striking (literally and figuratively) tools for nearly a century. In 1923, Ernest Estwing set out to provide the american workforce with the most durable, efficient, and ergonomic hand tools in the industry. In 2001, Estwing developed their patented anti vibratory handle material that not only aids on removing vibrations from impact, but also helps to provide grip and comfort on all of their tools. Estwing is another shining example of a company built around quality and supporting the american people. 

Estwings Patented Handle

The Estwing handle, as stated before, is made of a revolutionary material patented and owned by the company. This Estwing Welding and Chipping hammer is no exception to the case and compared to most other chipping hammers on the market, allows it to have a solid structure throughout instead of having a spring like anti vibratory handle. This gives the hammer a sturdier feel and an overall better aesthetic. Estwing claims that this chipping hammer handle material reduces hammer vibrations up to 70%.

The Chipping Hammer

Most chipping hammers are built around a single rod shaft with a piece of spring metal welded to it as a handle to give the user bounce when striking against the weld. What estwing has done with their hammer handle has allowed them to also make a solid single piece forged hammer that not only provides just as much vibration reduction, if not more, but allows more heft to the hammer which means more force when striking your slag. The forged piece is smoothed down to two points to provide you with the ability to chip slag in different ways. The extra weight and the overall feel of this chipping hammer over others is noticeably smoother and more comfortable than ones we’ve used before. 

The Stats

The Estwing Chipping and Welding hammer comes in at just under 14 ounces, with an overall length of 11 inches and a head that measures 7 1/2 inches from tip to tip. This tool, along with any other striking tool from Estwing, is made and manufactured in the United States in Rockford, Illinois. American made tools are typically made with a higher grade of steel than what is typically sourced overseas, and this is notably more important in striking tools as they’re more prone to wear and tear than others. 

The Final Verdict

Estwing is an absolutely huge brand name in the tool industry, providing some if not the best striking tools you can find. They spared no expense when it came to crafting this beautiful hammer. The Estwing Chipping and Welding hammer is a prime example of what they have been able to accomplish as a tool manufacturer, and offers some welcome changes to the stereotypical welding and chipping hammer in the industry. The patented handle material goes leaps and bounds in providing comfort and grip while also removing most of the impact vibration during use. Don’t get us wrong, this chipping and welding hammer is a bit more than your standard, but its not an excessive price in reality and if you want a quality tool that will last you many years to come, We Modern Makers believes this is one of the best bang for your buck tools to keep in the box.

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