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Crucible Furnace Forge
from Cast Masters

Smelting metal down to its rawest form in order to pour it into any molded shape is the true lifeblood of blacksmithing. Getting to the extreme temperatures needed to melt metal down to its liquid state requires some serious heat. This large capacity Furnace with Crucible by Cast Masters aims to give you everything you need to begin melting down and smelting whatever your heart desires.

Furnace Smelting

Smelting is a method of melting and refining metals of impurities, and giving you the ability to shape molten steel into usable shapes and constructions. The required temperatures for smelting steel and other precious metals such as gold and silver are fairly high and requires a proper chamber and proper heat control. Cast Masters gives you a basic outline of what temperatures are required to smelt metals, and claims that this furnace can reach the temperatures needed.

Cast Masters Furnace Housing

Cast Masters provides a quality stainless smelting chamber for your furnace, complete with an access lid with a viewing chimney to inspect your metals you’re heating. The side port for the burner has three threaded holes to allow you to adjust the location of your burner shaft, as well as lock it in place to keep it from moving throughout the process. Provided you’re wearing the proper heat resistant gloves, the stainless drum also comes with carrying handles to allow you to move the furnace on the fly in case any problems should arise during operation.

We found this furnace to be great as a multi-tool. Instead of having to use a separate forge for heating up projects, we simply heated a rail spike inside the furnace using the ceramic brick inside to set it on, and removed it after reaching the proper temperature for shaping. 

Crucible Tongs

The tongs that come with this set from Cast Masters are pretty basic, but they get the job done. We’d have liked the handles for the tongs to be a little longer so you’re not required to get so close to the opening of the furnace when removing the crucible, but overall they held fairly well grip wise and we felt safe when removing the crucible from the drum itself. 

Gas Control

This gas powered Furnace with crucible kit comes with a gas regulator and hoes as you’d expect it to. However, most of the kits you see online use the cheapest regulators and hoses that you can get, so seeing the setup that comes with this forge from Cast Masters was a breath of fresh air. The Regulator has better PSI annotations on its face for more finely tuned gas control, and the hose included is thicker and more durable than what you’d expect. 

The Crucible

A crucible capable of withstanding significant heat is a necessity when smelting metals in a forge. Cast Masters delivers on this by giving you a Furnace with Crucible capable of withstanding heat up to temperatures of 2700 degrees. With its 5 kg capacity, you’ll have more than enough metal to make a sizable knife or medallion. There’s few things that are as satisfying as melting down your own block of aluminum or steel and then pouring it out into a mold you made yourself.

The Final Verdict

The Cast Masters Furnace with crucible is a great first time product for the novice or aspiring blacksmith. The fact that you get a good set of tongs, a crucible, a better than base fuel regulator, and a stainless drum that’s rated for 2700 degrees is amazing. The fact that you can use this furnace as a multi-purpose by simply leaving the crucible out and heating your working material directly in the furnace drum instead of having to have a separate burner forge was a nice touch. If you’re serious about smelting metals and working them or molding, this is probably the closest thing to a perfect fit you’re going to get within its price range, and We Modern Makers supports this product. (Oh, and bonus, it’s made in the USA!)

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