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Goplus Blacksmith Hammer Kit

Metal shaping. Outside of heating requirements and a surface to shape on, a good set of hammers like this Goplus Hammer Kit are an integral part of creating your next knife or axe. We Modern Makers set out to test this 5 piece set by Goplus to see if you get what you pay for, or more.

The Dimensions

Goplus offers a wide array of hammers in this 5 piece kit. The Cross pein and sledge come in the longest handle, and rightfully so as they’re the heaviest and intended for stronger force driven blows. These are fairly sturdy hammers in their own right, and unlike the smaller hammers, the handles themselves feel a little more well suited for ambidextrous use than the other hammers, but we’ll get into that later in the overview. Also note that with most hammers you get, no matter the manufacturer, you’re going to have to “face” the hammers meaning that you’re going to have to round the face off as to prevent hammer marks from showing on your project. 

Large Ball Pein

The large ball pein in this Goplus hammer kit is pretty par for the course. The head is nice and rigid and provides enough bounce when working. The head seems to withstand some fairly decent abuse without breaking loose like you might find in other wooden handled hammers. What bothered us was the fact that when you go to reverse grip this hammer, along with the other smaller hammers in this kit, is that the handle doesn’t seem to lend itself well to the grip. The indentations on the handles themselves aren’t parallel and as such doesn’t fit to the form of the hand as well as if you were using the facing side.

Cross Pein

This is a pretty hefty cross pein. Whats nice is that it is balanced well enough between both sides so that you don’t feel awkward swinging the cross side when trying to indent, and is sturdy enough to even lie against your working surface and hit against to use as a makeshift hardy tool. There’s a slight amount of facing on the pein side which makes for a softer impact than if it was a harder angle, but lends itself to making wider bends. 

Dead Blow

Deadblows are very hit or miss in any application. Many times the materials used on the outer casing of the deadblow wear fairly quickly exposing the inner piece of it hammer and thus rendering it practically useless. Goplus did a fairly decent job at making a sturdy enough deadblow to include in this hammer kit by giving it a proper casing that is suited for repeated use. However, you shouldn’t go beating on the sharp end of a knife with this hammer. 

Final Verdict

The Goplus 5 piece hammer kit provides a budget friendly entry point for the novice blacksmith. While there are better individual hammers out there on the market, being able to get 5 solid hammers with varying heads and applications opens up the newfound blacksmith to a plethora of different opportunities and ability that might not have otherwise been thought of. The handles themselves lend to a forgiving and ergonomic material and shape, but do not work perfectly for using both sides of the hammer itself. The deadblow was made particularly well compared to others you might find at a hardware store, and the fact that you can pick up this entire set for the cost of or even cheaper than a single hammer is not something to gawk at. Overall, this hammer set will last a novice long enough to learn what they’re looking for in a striker and adjust otherwise. We Modern Makers believes this is a decent entrypoint for a hammer set with a great value compared to what you get.

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