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Happybuy 66 Pound Anvil

A proper anvil is key for developing your blacksmithing skills. With blacksmithing being such a “secret” art that is much out of practice in this day and age, finding the right anvil can be tedious and anxiety inducing. We Modern Makers aims to lift the stigma of learning something new, and whether Happybuy 66 Pound Anvil is “worth its weight in gold”.

The Dimensions

The overall size of this 66 pound anvil comes in at a surface of 11 inches in length by just over 4.5 inches in width. At the base, the feet set at 10 inches in length by 7 inches in overall width, giving you a fairly balanced and steady working face that won’t tip on you while you’re swinging at it. The anvil material is a cast steel as opposed to iron, which increaseses its overall rockwell hardness rating significantly. 

Mounting Holes

Granted, the Happybuy 66 pound anvil doesn’t come with any mounting hardware, whether it be for mounting into concrete or onto a working surface such as a log or bench, but it does come equipped with the ability to do so if you so choose. We chose to mount this anvil to a nice sturdy log, and used some wood 3/4 inch diameter anchors. The width of the feet on the anvil with some good solid anchors makes for a sturdy striking surface.

The Horns

Good working horns are a staple in a proper blacksmithing anvil. The horns that come on this 66 pound anvil give you plenty of opportunity for you to shape whatever project you happen to be working on into the correct angle. 

The round horn is a good third of the length and varies in diameter from base to tip, allowing for plenty of variance in  bends. The opposing horn extends the working surface from the center of the anvil out to its opposing tip, and has a much sharper edge and shape for making more precise angled bends. 

Round Hold

The round hold on this anvil is just over 3/4 of an inch in diameter which accommodates your typical piece of rebar for bending, or giving you a nice solid hole for punching through a piece of steel. The depth of this hold runs about 6 inches from surface to base, giving you plenty of room to work whatever bend you are trying to accomplish. 

Hardy Hold

The Hardy Hold on the Happybuy 66 pound anvil is slightly larger than its round hold counterpart, coming in at about 15/16ths of an inch in length and width. So, if you’re attempting to maintain the shape of a piece of solid steel square stock throughout a bend, chances are this hold will give you everything you desire. The depth is the same as the round hold, at about 6 inches, so again, you have plenty of wiggle room for variance in length of your piece.

Working Surface

The working surface on this 66 pound anvil is one to rival some much higher price point anvils in its class. It is polished well overall, and gives off a beautiful strike note and bounce while being worked. The fact that the overall anvil is a steel cast as opposed to an iron one really solidifies its overall quality and hardness. We Modern Makers hasn’t owned this anvil for long enough to really give it a thorough time test, but from what other blacksmiths have claimed about the product, it is said to maintain its shape and hold up to abuse very well.

The Final Verdict

Overall, the Happybuy 66 pound anvil rings true for a solid starter striker to aid the novice blacksmith in really learning the ropes of the trade. With the brand being fairly unrecognized, we went into this review skeptically as would any person looking at buying into something priced fairly cheap price-per-pound wise in comparison to other anvils on the market. Granted, this anvil isn’t too large in comparison to others as well, but unless you’re planning on tackling some extremely extravagant project that entails larger working holes and a larger surface, then this anvil will suit you well. We Modern Makers tested rebar bending, sheetmetal tinning, and riveting on this anvil and believe that for its fairly cheap price point it delivers a solid product. 

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