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Hells Kitchen Single Burner Forge

American Made is something we actively seek out when reviewing products on We Modern Makers. The Hells Kitchen Single burner Forge is made in the heart of Texas. We dive in to this forge to see if it delivers on the industry standards and provides enough bang for your buck in this review.

Forge Dimensions

This a small forge. The aim for Hells kitchen was to produce a sturdy yet portable forge that can reach the required temperatures for heating steel to a working degree. The overall capacity of the housing and internals is around 2300 degrees, with three ceramic bricks capable of withstanding up to 2700 degrees. The overall size of this forge is about 14 inches squared all the way around. Most single burner forges we’ve looked at in the past have a little more depth than this forge, but for small projects like railroad spikes fit perfectly. 

Unique Design

What this Single burner forge does bring to the table is some of its unique design aspects. Most forges don’t come with the ability to close off the end allowing you to trap more heat. The Hells Kitchen forge comes with three ceramic bricks that are not only interchangable, but two of them can be used on the backside in order to close off the forge chamber to trap more heat, giving you the ability to get to the proper temperature quicker than other single burner forges can. 

But with the good design aspects comes the bad. The fuel regulator on this single burner forge doesn’t come with a psi gauge. This is a bit of an oversite in our book, as regulating how much gas you’re flowing to your burner is an important part of achieving the right temperature. Even though this is easily remedied by using a separate regulator, we feel as though one with a gauge could have easily been included with the product.

The Final Verdict

Hells Kitchen Single Burner Forge does give you the ability to heat steel to the proper temperature, but that is about it. The gated back design allowing you to encapsulate heat within the body of the forge is a nice touch, and not something you find standard on other more conventional single burner gas forges. The brass burner system gives you quick heat, but the inability to know where your gas pressure is temperature control can be a little finicky. We believe in supporting american made products, but for the price point you can get a little more from other manufacturers. Its up to as to whether you’d rather support an american made product for the sake of it, or get a little more forge capability for your money in other products.

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