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Portable Propane Hell's Forge

Arguably the most important tool in any blacksmiths arsenal is the method at which you plan on heating your working metal. But choosing between what fuel type you use, figuring out how to get the temperature set, and properly insulating the chamber to withstand the right amount of heat can all be daunting. Instead of building your own forge, Hell’s attempts to offer the newcomer a beginner friendly and portable solution with its Portable propane single burner forge.

About Hell's Forge

Hell’s Forge is an american home brew company. The owner Rick understood the difficulty of building a proper forge for a complete beginner and set out to ease people into the blacksmithing trade by building his own portable and accessible forge for the masses. As an owner of the brand and design, Rick maintains a great amount of integrity and concern with anyone who has questions about his product, and We Modern Makers believes this is a model attitude for other business owners.

The Fuel Source

Make no mistake about it, the burner and its placement on the chamber in this Hell’s forge was strategically thought out in the design process. The vertical firing mechanism along its oval chamber allows for an even firing along the working material. Even heat distribution is a major benefit when working any type of metal properly, and its nice to see that this is one of the major forefronts of this portable forge. The kit comes with a high pressure regulator and 4 foot hose rated for 20 PSI to attach to your propane tank, which is more than enough to keep your fuel source at a safe distance from the heat.

The Build Materials

The portable single burner Hell’s Forge was built to withstand up to 3000F temperatures. While the exterior is made of your standard mild steel, the real beauty of this forge and its heat retention capabilities come from its throughput airflow design and its lining materials. With this kit you will also recieve a high density rigid coated ceramic fiber blanket for extended service life before having to replace it. Lastly, the Hell’s Forge comes with a full size fire brick that runs the length of the forge’s oven.


One nice feature of this forge is that it is portable. Most homebrew rigs or other style furnaces require a larger footprint or a somewhat permanent fixture. While this forge might not be on the largest of scales, the ability to use it and then store it when you’re no longer using it makes it a much more convenient option.

The heat

Hell’s forge is a proper name for a product that runs so hot! This forge will run at a max of around 2300 degrees fahrenheit which is more than enough heat to work bronze, brass, and steel among other metals. This furnace runs hot enough to forge weld alloys together, but should be done safely and under proper guidance. To add to the heating and insulating capabilities of this furnace, the kit comes with HELLCOAT 3000F refractory and instructions on how to apply it to your forge when you recieve it.

The Little Things

Size doesn’t always matter, and this portable propane Hell’s Forge proves it. With the capability of being set at whatever working height your project requires, you can’t really beat this forge. Granted, there a few pitfalls. For awkward length projects that you’re trying to heat in specific locations, you might have to buy or build a stand to support the piece outside of the forge so it remains stable while you wait for it to heat up if you don’t feel like holding it and waiting. 

The Final Verdict

We Modern Makers loves products that bring curious and ambitious creators into the space. The Hell’s Forge portable propane forge delivers on all of those fronts. While its size is somewhat small in comparison to other forges or one you might build later on down the line, what this forge does give you is portability and ease of use. This allows you, the newcomer, into the world of blacksmithing without any of the headache of choosing casing materials and design. Not only is it portable and thought through for you, it cost efficient and very well viewed by the blacksmithing community. We Modern Makers loves the idea of supporting american made quality products, and Hell’s Forge delivers on this front.

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