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Simple Single Burner Blacksmith Gas Forge

Another small portable forge for the hobbyist, this Single Burner Blacksmith Forge attempts to give you every basic essential needed to get up and running on heating metal for forming. Gas powered forges give you the ability to heat up metals much quicker and more efficiently than your traditional coal and wood forge. We test this budget friendly option in this review to find out whether or not saving a few bucks can still get you a quality forge. 

The Forge Components

Fairly standard for a single burner forge, you’re going to get a basic square housing that measures about 3 inches by 4 inches length and width wise, and about 10 inches long with openings on both ends. The housing is made of 1/8 inch thick structural steel and insulated with 1 inch thick ceramic fiber, with a heat rating of 2600 degrees. You’re also given a refractory brick that is about 1 inch thick and runs the length of the forge. 

This is a fairly small forge, but for your simple rail spike knife or rebar it is more than sufficient enough at heating. The gas regulator, hose, and cut off ball valve are a little on the cheaper side quality wise, but they get the job done. I’d say if we intended to continue using this little forge we’d probably get a more durable hose and a better gas regulator.

Forge Gas

Forging with gas is finicky and can be a little daunting if you’re new to this area of craftsmanship. Getting the pressure set right on the regulator and controlling temperature is important, which is why we mentioned earlier we’d probably get a more easily readable and controllable regulator if we intended to continue using this forge. 

But, since we’re reviewing this for its budget friendliness, we’ll stick with what you’re provided. This gas regulator gives you a fairly basic level of control. We’re not a fan of there not being a safer ignition option than simply throwing a match or using a lighter to ignite the burner but if you follow the directions provided with the forge you’ll be just fine. 

The Final Verdict

We Modern Makers have tested several of the portable gas forges that are on the market today. This may not be the best forge, it is one of the most budget friendly. You’re getting the bare essentials in this package for your starter forge, the amount of customer support is mediocre at best, and if you’re looking at doing larger pieces you’re definitely not going to be able to do them in this Simple Single Burner Gas Forge. However, that is not to say this forge won’t do its job, it supplies more than enough heat and insulation to achieve the proper temperatures for basic forging and forge welding. This is a functioning forge that won’t break the bank, but its also more than likely to just be a stepping stone on the way to getting something bigger. If you only plan on doing small projects, or don’t wish to invest heavily into a new hobby, we’d say this is the forge for you.

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