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Stainless Single Burner Forge

Yet another budget friendly attempt at a Single Burner Gas Forge. This time, we’re given a stainless steel variety with a little larger of a footprint, and losing some of the other typical things included in these smaller forges. We’ll take a look at temperature and drawbacks of this budget forge compared to others in this review.

Whats with this Single Burner Forge

Most of the gas forges you’ll get on the market come pretty standard with your gas regulator, supply hose, and cut off. The difference between this forge and other products is the fact that its made out of 16g sheet stainless steel and wrapped together from one solid piece. It comes with 1 inch thick ceramic refractory fiberglass rated for 2600 degrees, and you get a fairly large brick that comes out to about 4″x9″x1″. There’s no back to this forge, so you’ve got a large working area to insert longer blades and materials to apply heat to the correct spot of your work. The burner on this forge is different than others, because instead of being in a fixed position, it is held in place by a lock collar with bolts, that if loosened allow you to control the depth of the burner which we thought was a nifty variant in the market. 

Single Burner Performance

The choke is controlled via a piece of all thread and wing nut welded inside the cap of the burner chimney. We would’ve liked to have seen a pull and spring loaded choke, but given the cost we’re not really surprised by the innovation here. The same as many budget forges, the gas regulator you’re given here in this kit isn’t top of the line, and you shouldn’t expect it to be. It’s threaded for your standed propane fitting and it gives you a basic level of control, but we’d opt to use a more precise regulator with a more durable hose if this was going to sit on our table for any amount of time. The lack of a handle keeps from the portability that you get in other forges, but it does make up for it with its capacity like smaller forges within its price bracket.

The Final Verdict

There’s not much to say about this Stainless Single Burner Gas Forge. The burner not being welded into the chamber is a nice little touch giving you flexibility on the burners position, though honestly you don’t really need to control your burner height in such a small chamber to begin with. You’re given a little more working room for the price compared to other products, but you’re also missing a stand and a carry handle which may or may not matter to you. In the long run, you’re probably going to end up picking a larger forge, but if you’re just looking to get your feet wet in the blacksmithing trade, this forge will allow you to heat up your first small projects with a fair amount of ease and the price won’t hurt you if you decide that blacksmithing isn’t something you don’t want to continue to pursue.

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