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Stronghand MIG Pliers

A powerful multi-tool capable of performing multiple functions while running a long bead of weld is more than just a convenience, its a necessity. A proper tool, like these Stronghand MIG Pliers, gives you the ability to perform multiple functions without having to have a wide array of tools spread out around you during your work. We Modern Makers is all about convenience, so we tried and tested these pliers to see if they actually perform on every front they claim to.


Stronghandtools has been manufacturing equipment specifically for the welding tradesman for over thirty years. Their main focus has been convenience and innovation, reworking and enhancing already established tool designs to be bring more to the table. Time is the most valuable resource we have as human beings, and stronghand aims to save you as much of it as possible. 

Stronghand MIG Plier Specs

Traditional MIG Pliers come with a multitude of functions, and the Stronghand MIG Pliers are no different. Starting with a durable grip handle that has a convenient hasp chain to keep your pliers always in reach. The large notches just after the handles are suited for your standard gas regulator nut for attaching and detaching it from your supply bottle. The heft of the pliers comes with a dual faced hammer, with one being rounded and the other squared off. Inside this is a pair of strong wire cutters for cutting excess wire or fixing a jam. The needle nose portion of the pliers comes with a pull notch for feeding wire. In addition, the backsides of the needle nose come in a coarse/fine file face which is a nice little bonus.

The Files

Typically, your standard file is going to be made up of a harder steel than usual to account for the fact that it is being used to remove material from whatever you’re trying to file down. The files on these Stronghand MIG Pliers are good enough for a smaller application, but you’re definitely not going to be using this as your primary source when it comes to filing down an actual piece of work; this is more to clean up the end of your MIG Torch etc.


We’ve all done it; you need to smack or smash something into place and you don’t have your hammer around, so you grab the next closest tool. Stronghand has you covered! These pliers are made with a fairly sturdy headblock perfect for the impromptu hammering needs. 


These Stronghand MIG Pliers are made a little bulkier than your standard MIG Pliers. The increase in size has allowed stronghand to make multiple textured notches that allow for the removal or tightening of nuts and bolts instead of having to carry a separate wrench just to do so. The wire cutters on these are beveled to nearly 45 degrees, giving them a fairly sharp and strong pinch point for cutting your welding wire. 

The Final Verdict

Stronghand is providing tradesmen with a vast array of tools that provide convenience and ease of use. The Stronghand MIG Pliers are just different enough to consider them a step above the average pair of MIG Pliers on the market. For some, you won’t need anything that sets you apart from anyone else, but considering the price for what you get with this product, We Modern Makers will take the leap and say that these should be one in every welders toolbox. The best part is, there’s no inflated cost just because they’re slighty more robust and have more features than your standard MIG pliers. So, there’s really no harm in trying them, because at worst case they will do the job just as good as the next guy.

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