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TACKlife Electric Hand Planer

A step-up for the modern carpenter, the TACKLIFE Electric Hand Planer is here to provide you with an amplitude of control in an easy to use package. With adjustments for depth, angle, and width you’re almost guaranteed to find the perfect face setting for whatever project you’re trying to tackle.

About TACKlife

TACKlife is a fairly young company. Founded out of California in 2016, they came into the tool scene hoping to provide a quality affordable product to the masses. TACKlife strives to bring products to a wide variety of hobbies, and one of their biggest goals is to create modern tools for the modern hobbyist. Not only is their TACKlife electric hand planer a powerhouse with a plethora of adjustments, they’ve come out with some other truly unique products for gardening, cleaning, automotive, and hand tools. 

Electric Hand Planing...Made Easy

The TACKlife Electric Hand planer is easily one of the most adjustable planers on the market today. Its dual blade cutting face has an astonishing 16,000 RPM, which is exactly what you need to smooth over a surface without having to pause mid-stroke creating undesirable scallops in your working face. The adjustable planing depth goes to a maximum of 3mm or 1/8th of an inch, giving it the ability to smooth out some fairly uneven surfaces. With a 82mm or nearly 3’1/4 inch planing surface you’ll be able to smooth over fairly large plates for tables, countertops, or other surfaces in no time. 

Adjusting for Perfection

The TACKLIFE Electric hand planer comes with an easy to adjust depth knob that not only allows you to dial in the front plate guide for that exact depth you’re looking for, but is also sturdy enough to allow you to maintain the proper pressure and stability needed to perfect the trim. This adjustment knob paired with the rubberized pistol grip handle are perfect for aiding you as you glide across whatever surface you are planing. The trigger and safety are a little stiff for our liking at We Modern Makers, but this is a personal feel and most others wouldn’t even notice this. 

TACKlife Electric Hand Planer in Action!

The Cutting Blades

This electric hand planer comes with some pretty nice double sided rotary blades. These blades paired with the 16,000 rotations a minute out of the 900 watt motor provide for a pretty smooth planing experience. Most manual hand planers will snag once a blade begins to wear on longer strokes, which is why We Modern Makers uses mostly electric hand planers for our projects, and this one from TACKlife is pretty solid and smooth for its lower pricepoint.

The Internals

TACKlife did not take it lightly when building this electric planer. This thing runs off of a belt and pulley system that is also air-cooled from the motor. At 16,000 rotations per minute, proper ventilation is key. TACKlife wanted to make sure the average woodworker could get into a project and stay there without overloading or overheating the tool. Bear in mind, this electric planer does run fairly loud due to the motor running at such a high speed and frequency. 

Quality Electric Planer

The overall build of this TACKlife electric planer rivals most of your more recognizable and older brands such as Craftsman, Ryobi, and Dewalt. Make no mistake, between all of the adjustment settings and the speed at which this planer cuts, it still handles like a charm. Its fairly well balanced side-to-side which is nice. The dust collector bag is a welcome addition to a fairly dirty finish tool, but it can become cumbersome and get in the way if not frequently emptied. The edge guide is easily removed with a simple winged bolt that comes with the planer allowing for quick and easy switching from edge to incut. 

Final Verdict

For your typical entry level woodworker, a hand planer is often overlooked. We believe its an essential finishing tool for you to have in your tool arsenal and the TACKlife electric planer is the perfect first-step into learning just what you can accomplish with a proper planer. The amount of adjustments on this product are more than what you typically see on the market, and at a fairly cheap price. These guides provided on this planer can alleviate a lot of stress you’d typically get about first setting up and using one for the first time. We Modern Makers believes that TACKlife is doing quality work at providing newcomers a place to learn and succeed with ease, and we think that this is a fairly priced and well built electric planer for anyone looking to step into the woodworking hobby.

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