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TACKlife Orbital Sander

The TACKlife orbital sander is another installment in their line of affordable and efficient power tools. A powerful 3 amp motor putting out 13,000 oscillations per minute to a five inch sanding surface is more than enough to make easy work of small and large projects alike. We Modern Makers goes over whether or not affordability lends itself to usability when it comes to TACKlife and their 5 inch orbital sander. 

About TACKlife

TACKlife is a fairly young company. Founded out of California in 2016, they came into the tool scene hoping to provide a quality affordable product to the masses. TACKlife strives to bring products to a wide variety of hobbies, and one of their biggest goals is to create modern tools for the modern hobbyist. Not only is their TACKlife electric hand planer a powerhouse with a plethora of adjustments, they’ve come out with some other truly unique products for gardening, cleaning, automotive, and hand tools. 


TACKlife Orbital Sander contains...

This orbital sander from TACKlife comes with a hardcase dust collector, which we consider a step up from your standard bag collection setup for its ease of cleaning and overall feel of sturdiness during work. Its simple enough to remove, simply twisting it away from the sander and pulling it away so you can wash it out with water. You also receive twelve replacement 5 inch 180 grit sanding pads, which a good start to a collection. 5 inch is a pretty standard orbital face size so finding other grits and replacements will be rather easy either online or through your local hardware store. 

Dust Collection System

One of the nicer features of TACKlife’s orbital sander is its dust collection system. The sander uses holes placed throughout the sanding pad to give the suction system space to pull in the dust from sanding into the collection box. Its a fairly efficient system, that has the ability to pull in dust particles as small as half a micron in size. Do note, that this sander is not something you want to use for sanding drywall surfaces, as the particles from drywall are much too fine and will clog up the suction system on this sander.

Ease of Use

The build of this orbital palm sander is comfortable and ergonomic. It’s also lightweight, coming in at just over 6 pounds. The palm grip handle has a nice aerated rubber coating for comfort when applying pressure to it, and its teardrop shape lends itself to your the shape your hand would typically make when gripping onto it. The dust collector comes off fairly easily with a simple twist and pull motion, making it efficient for constantly having to empty versus a bag which can sometimes be cumbersome to work around and remove. The sanding pads are a peel and replace setup, so you won’t be fighting to twist and tear new pads off and on when they wear out. 

Ergonomic Sanding Done Right

TACKlife’s orbital sander was designed with the user in mind. The adjustible speed function has 6 overall speed settings. Your speed selector wheel is put on an easy to use dial located directly below where your hand will sit. Another nice feature of this orbital sander is the fact that TACKlife really thought to make sure comfort was key. Their placement of the motor cooling system was designed so it supplies airflow directly to the hand, keeping you cool while you carry on through your work. Sanding can be strenuous and time consuming work, so its nice to see a company design their equipment with the consumer in mind. 

A Cheap Tool Built Right

This orbital sander is fairly cheap for how easy to use and how smooth it operates. From the all ball-bearing drive designed specifically to limit the amount of vibration and noise to the hard case dust collection system and thought out cooling system placement, this orbital sander was made for the everyday woodworker. Finishing a project shouldn’t be a chore at the end, and TACKlife really took that to heart when developing this product.

Final Verdict

We Modern Makers are always on the lookout for new and affordable tools to bring newcomers into the do it yourself skilled crafts. This orbital sander is just another example that TACKlife is taking affordability, efficiency, and ease of use to heart. We’d recommend this orbital sander for the typical do it yourself woodworker, as it comes with enough pads and an easy to access dust collection system that lends itself well to the user. 

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