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TACKlife Plunge/Fixed Base Router

TACKlife is at it again with this affordable multi-function router. With the options of a fixed base for depth setting and routing or gouging, complete with a suction attachment location for a shop-vac. Go freehand with the just over 4 foot flex shaft to do some simple carving or engraving work. With a plethora of guides, handles, and attachments, this budget buy is the perfect entry point for any newcomer woodworker.

About TACKlife

TACKlife is a fairly young company. Founded out of California in 2016, they came into the tool scene hoping to provide a quality affordable product to the masses. TACKlife strives to bring products to a wide variety of hobbies, and one of their biggest goals is to create modern tools for the modern hobbyist. Not only is their TACKlife electric hand planer a powerhouse with a plethora of adjustments, they’ve come out with some other truly unique products for gardening, cleaning, automotive, and hand tools. 


The Router Specs

This router comes with a wide variety of attachments. Running off of a 600 watt Motor with a 6 setting variable speed adjuster, you’ll be able to dial in just how quick you want to move and remove material from your cuts. The power chord comes in at just over 12 feet, allowing for plenty of movement on bigger projects. The package also comes with a set of soft grip handles that are removable in case of working within tighter spaces. An aluminum base plate with a vacuum attachment location for connection to your shop vac. If that wasn’t enough, you are also given a flexible shaft attachment for freehand work, and an edge guide as well as a compass for making more precise cuts. 

Perfect Circles

With the compass attachment, you’ll be able to map out perfect circles and rounded edges. With the proper bit, set to the proper depth, all that is left for you to do is pick the proper dimensions, place the compass in the correct location, and guide the router along the intended route. A guided compass is a great attachment for rounding off projects and simplifies a lot of what would otherwise be freehand work. This will help you eliminate some of those pesky errors in your work.

The Routing Basics

With the aluminum router base attached to the body, you are given the ability to set a width gauge to help track alongside whatever project you might be working on. This feature is a welcome addition to the beginning woodworker, as it gives you an extra hand in keeping a straight even cut throughout the work. Along with the guide, the base also has a depth gauge for setting your inlays to the correct depth for the cut as well as a solid area for you to connect a vacuum. Keeping a cut clean of debris helps in ensuring each cut is made correctly through the entirety of the work. 

Controlled Routing

No matter how you plan on tackling your projects, TACKlife’s router is designed around keeping you in control of the tool for the most precise cuts possible. You’re only given one chance to make a cut, and having perfect control of your tool when making it is a big instrument of success for the user. All the handles included with this router are bulky and robust, with a slightly gripped texture to prevent slippage during your work. Even without the handles, the body of the router itself has this grip coating so even completely freehand you’re still very well in control of the router. 

Freehand Routing

If you need to clean up a cut or make fine intricate details within your project, the 1/8th inch flex shaft gives you the ability to do so easily. Though we’d much prefer to use a proper dremel tool for work like this; the fact that TACKlife decided to take fine work into consideration and include this attachment as part of the package really stood out to us. It prevents a newcomer from spending even more money on yet another tool for the toolbox and will allow you to do more types of work for less money. 

Final Verdict

In all, We Modern Makers believes that TACKlife has a trend of making cheap, efficient tools for the novice woodworker looking to get their feet wet by experimenting with new tools. A proper tool makes all the difference when working with wood, and this TACKlife router gives you access to several different possibilities without compromising on overall tool quality. This is an essential tool to have in a carpenters arsenal, even for the most simple of projects. This router is definitely a good starting point and We Modern Makers believes you will too. 

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