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Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Welding helmets come in a wide variety of capabilities and sizes. The Tanox auto darkening welding helmet comes at a fairly cheap price with an added bonus of coming with a set of welding gloves. We believe that this could be a great introductory set of equipment for someone just getting into the welding field, and set out to test the actual use case of the helmet and gloves to see if they hold up for their low cost in this review.

About Tanox

Tanox is a fairly small and new toolmaker to enter the industry. They’re main focus is welding and torching equipment, which we’d consider a plus as they’re more likely to have a higher level of expertise when it comes to making the best possible products for a newcomer to the welding trade. Affordability seems to be their main goal without compromising on quality and capability. Being a fairly new brand, one thing Tanox is definitely doing right is customer service. They’re easy to contact and willing to work with their customers on faulty or lackluster products should you have any concerns.

Tanox Welding Helmet Dimensions

The welding helmet we did a demo of from Tanox came in at about 8 inches in height and width, with a 12 inch coverage from neck to back. These are pretty standard dimensions for a mask of this caliber. As a side note, the actual material used in a fairly light weight plastic which can be seen as a pro and a con, and the tightness adjustments on the side of the helmet to secure the headband to the mask seemed to come loose after a few flips of the hood. 

The welding gloves that come with the mask from Tanox are also pretty par for the course. They’re just at 16 inches in length with a fairly generous amount of shielding throughout the length of the forearm, but overall nothing spectacular or something to write home about. But, this is an introductory set for someone who is just testing the waters in the field, not the be all end all.

Tanox Welding Helmet Details

The internals of this Tanoxj Auto Darkening Welding Helmet come with your standard headband with a turn lock gnob adjustment to secure the band to your head, as well as a height adjustment with bullet point notches like a ball cap to set the proper depth adjustment to the top of your head. Included is a cotton cushion band for your forehead, which was soft enough to feel okay without being anything overly surprising. As with any auto darkening lense, the Tanox Welding Helmet comes with the ability to adjust the sensitivity and delay time for precise trigger control. These seemed to work fairly well and respond at just the right time to protect the eyes during work. 

The Lens

A proper lens can make a night and day difference in your welds, as being able to visibly follow your puddle and patterns consistently is the key to laying a beautiful bead. One thing Tanox did well was provide a larger viewing area, which we think is great for the newcomer who is just learning how to follow a puddle and pay attention to everything that is happening throughout the process. You’re also getting an extra replacement lens cover with this kit, and on the side of the mask you have a shade adjustment from 9-13 darkness levels to fine tune whatever level of darkness you can properly see at.

The Complimentary Gloves

As we stated before, this kit from Tanox is all about value, and to expand on this they’ve decided to include a pair of their standard welding gloves to go along with the mask. Now, they’re pretty standard gloves for any welder, but whats great about this is they’re included in the cost with the helmet that you’re already getting and takes out that one extra product you’d have to buy to get going on your road to learning how to weld. You’re not going to be overly dexterous or comfortable in these gloves, but you will be safe and you’ll be able to learn how to control your torch properly using them. 

Final Verdict

Tanox does a great job at hitting the nail on the head when it comes to value with this combination of an Auto Darkening  Welding Helmet and a pair of welding gloves to boot. While there’s nothing overly spectacular about the helmet or the gloves, they do everything on par or better with other products you may be considering when making your first purchase on your journey of learning how to weld, but at a great price. We Modern Makers believes this might be one of the best introductory welding helmet kits out there for those of you who are looking to test the waters of this trade. Tanox shines when it comes to customer service, and this speaks leaps and bounds compared a lot of the other newcomers to the welding tool industry. The Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet kit is a great first time buy and it delivers exceedingly well for its cost. 

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