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Ted's Woodworking Guide: Review

A welcome entry point for the beginner Woodworker; or the seasoned craftsman looking for advanced woodworking projects.

So, you’ve come to We Modern Makers, you’ve developed your tool-list with all of our product reviews and information, and you’re ready to begin working on your first Woodworking project. But, where do you start? What do you actually make? The answer is… Anything! Ted’s woodworking guide delivers on exactly that. From the journeyman Carpenter to the beginner hobbyist woodworker, Ted’s woodworking guide is a great source of valuable projects to teach you the ropes on handcrafting quality furniture and more.


Learning the Craft

The greatest part of being a creator is to let your creative ideals come out through your craft. Whether it be something as simple as a shelf, a chair, or as complex as a bedroom-set or even cabinets. You can do anything that you set your mind to provided with the proper tools and know how. We Modern Makers has been working within the fields of DIY projects for over 10 years, and we’ve come to the realization that there is not only a declining interest in woodworking, there’s a growing demand for hand-made quality products, and what better way to expand on the growing demand for these quality products than to just learn and craft them yourself!

Carpentry is a lifelong skill you develop to not only produce and repair things within your own home; but to go from being a novice woodworker, to a seasoned and well rounded individual with the skills that you can then transfer from yourself to making easy wood projects for your kids or grand kids. Passing down pieces of your life and memories to the ones who mean the most to you, or potentially make some woodworking projects that sell!

Bringing plans to life

One of the best learning tools I’ve used on my venture to being a fulfilled woodworker is Teds woodworking guides. His woodworking plans are outlined in such a way that you know exactly what materials you’re going to need to do each job, which tool you’re going to need, and they’re explained in a down-to-earth way well enough that even the most novice of carpenters can approach the project and accomplish it with minimal effort.

Looking for things to make out of scrap wood you’ve got lying around your house? Turn it into a beautiful picture frame or entry-sign that you’d be proud to see everyday when you come home from work. Once you understand some of these basic woodworking tips and tricks outlined within Teds guide, you’ll begin to see pieces of the world in a new light; pieces of furniture in your house will become broken down in your mind to what was used to craft that piece, and how you could possibly make it; or make it better!


A Guide to Fulfillment

What better sense of accomplishment than to not only physically produce something from your hard work and time than to also have that product on display in your own home as a focal point for discussion when guests visit, or to see your children and even grandchildren utilize in their lives. Those weekends you spend feeling emptiness and your time whittling away at you can become something productive and fulfilling.

There are plenty of woodworking plans and prints free to the public if you’re a savvy enough internet browser. We even give them away here at We Modern Makers; but none of them go into quite as much detail or provide you with the step by step building process that Teds Woodworking Guide does. There are a lot of resources that go into building a cabinet, or a five-drawer armoire; but rest assured with a beginner friendly woodworking guide like Teds, you will learn all of the skills you need in order to establish yourself within your group of friends as the one who knows their way around a piece of wood.

Shaping a Better You

The material outline will tell you specifically what cuts need to be made, what types of wood and bonding materials are needed, what measurements and dimensions each piece of the project you need to make, as well as how to go about making them. From the initial requirements down to the methods you need to use for finishing, routing, and planing each surface. This is all information that you, as a beginning woodworker, will be dumbfounded about, and are outlined within Teds woodworking guide for you from the start of the project to the end.

Building high-quality and beautiful pieces of woodwork doesn’t need to be a difficult process, and like learning any new skill, it can seem daunting and even unfathomable to ever reach a level of quality that you see all over social media via Pintrest, Instagram, and Facebook. I promise you, that through a little dedication, some wood chips and splinters, and time, you can achieve just as much success in creating that perfect rocking-glider for your family, or the picnic-bench your backyard has been lacking for all these years.


From Novice to Seasoned Craftsmen

Teds woodworking guide was written for all levels of carpenters, from beginner to the seasoned veteran who simply needs some fresh ideas or a quick print to work off of or an advanced woodworking project to occupy his time. Everyone gets some sort of creative block at one point or another, and with Ted’s guide, you can alleviate that stress by simply browsing through the 16,000 plans he gives you the rights to download and create from.

Just a note on that last portion. Ted’s woodworking guide claims to give you the outline for “16,000” plans. But, this number is a little over-ambitious. And even though 16,000 is a lot of plans and this guide falls slightly short of that number, We Modern Makers feels as though the amount of woodworking plans given within the product are more than enough to justify the purchase, because honestly, who needs 16,000 woodworking plans when there’s only so much space in a garage, anyway.

The Proper Approach

The quality of the plans also varies, but most of your key woodworking ideals that you would desire to create robust and vivid pieces of woodwork are featured within the guide, and Ted has a way of describing what procedures you need to do as a beginning carpenter. Whether it be how to chisel out and sand that gorgeous piece of mahogany for the cabinet doors you’re building, or how to properly square up and set the angle of your miter saw to make the correct cut for the joint on a table you’ve begun to build.

You shouldn’t approach this guide as a course in woodworking; because that is not what it is. The way the woodworking plans are laid out in this guide are more an ad-lib approach where you can take a look at the plan itself and determine whether it is too difficult for you to tackle right off the bat. This is an advantage more so than a disadvantage, because everyone will be in a different learning spot as far as honing their carpentry skills, so whether you’re a beginner picking up his first carpenter pencil and square, or you’re a seasoned craftsmen looking for an advanced woodworking project; you can pick and choose which projects you want to tackle and which one’s you are beyond or have no desire in recreating.


Become a Finished Product

The smells and sounds of working with wood can be soothing, to the point of being therapeutic. Many people use this hobby as not only a means to feeling more fulfilled and accomplished with their time, but to also relax and de-stress from a hectic workweek or to escape a busy and taxing life. You should implore yourself to find something that not only makes you feel happy, but also fills the emptiness that often plagues us when we are given the chance for downtime from our day to day routine. A hobby or developing a skill, such as carpentry/woodworking, is a great way (but not the only way) to relieve your mind and escape.

We Modern Makers are not only affiliates with Ted’s Woodworking, but we also support this product as a staple to any aspiring woodworking hobbyists’ arsenal, and believe wholeheartedly that if you are considering building your next coffee table or that beautiful mahogany vintage rocking-horse for your grandchild that will last for generations to come, you should look to Ted and take everything in that he has to offer. While there are many advanced woodworkers out there, Ted has done a good idea to outline and define what it takes to produce a wide array of products from your average four-post dining chair to even more complicated concepts to the likes of cabinets and even wooden trains for children.

For those of you who are interested in actually purchasing Ted’s product, there is a secret way to get around his initial asking price of $67 and get it for $20 off, bringing the price down to $47. I’ll outline the steps here: First, you need to go to his website. Then, act as though you are going to leave the page and a pop-up should appear. When this happens, click read text version. Next, you will be brought to a text version of his sales offer. It’s rather lengthy, but just scroll through it to the end and you should be prompted with an offer to submit your email for a twenty dollar coupon off of his product for simply submitting your email.

As a full disclosure, this is only meant to be an informative and subjective outline of our thoughts on Teds Woodworking Guide and by all means purchase this product at your own discretion. We haven’t had any regrets or pitfalls with the product our self, and only wish to enlighten the people searching for a solution to meet their woodworking goals. Overall, for nearly $50 we place the value to purchase for Ted’s woodworking guide fairly high on the list.

Note; The product listed on Ted’s marketing site presents you with an image of his product in a box/CD form. The original guide will come to you as a digital purchase downloadable PDF file, and if you wish to purchase the DVD/box you will have to do that with an added cost. The marketing strategy Ted uses on his site is a bit… Aggressive. Don’t let that sway you from the fact that his product is reasonable for the price (though it does come off as a little overestimated in his own outline.)

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