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TIG-Pen Filler Rod Feeder

While this rather unconventional product might look like a gimmick, this TIG-Pen can be a godsend for the novice welder learning to control their filler rod feed rate. The amount of metal you feed into your weld and the speed you do it at is an essential part of making a quality lasting, and beautiful looking weld.

But Why the TIG-Pen?

One of the biggest injuries in any welders working career is arthritis and carpal tunnel. Consistently committing the hands to the same patterns and functions wears down the joints and can cause a lot of health issues after a while. The TIG-Pen Filler Rod Feeder aims to eliminate the stresses on your finger and wrist joints by removing some of the motions you go through when TIG welding and giving it a more comfortable approach. 

How the TIG-Pen Works

The way the TIG-Pen Filler Rod Feeder works is simple. You feed the filler rod that you’re going to be using throughout your process (from .030 to .125 rod thickness) into the back end of the holder. It’s called a “pen” because thats exactly how you hold it, like a pen or pencil. Then, as you’re going through the weld, you simply stroke the roller with your finger or thumb (whichever position is more comfortable for you) to feed the rod out of the TIG-Pen tube. This allows you to position your hand as close or as far from the welding surface as you’d like and still maintain the proper amount of control and feed of the rod.

The Dimensions

The TIG-Pen Filler Rod Feeder is made from a machined piece of aluminum, with a spring mechanism inside that helps to retain the proper amount of pressure on the filler rod to keep it in place, while still allowing you to roll it out with the rubber feeder roller as you need it. It’s a pretty ingenious design that we’re all too jealous of and works surprisingly well. 

The Final Verdict

All gimmick jokes aside, the TIG-Pen Filler Rod Feeder is a life saver. It really simplified the process of adding the right amount of metal throughout the welding bead in each process we tested it in. The fact that you can control the rod from further away than the standard method of hand feeding was a welcome surprise, as it allows you to brace further back and keep your hands out of the picture when you’re laying a bead. While it took a little while for us to adjust to a new method of feeding filler rod into our welds, this has definitely become a staple in the shop and what was once looked at as a joke from the nay sayers has now become a necessity for everyone here who TIG’s. The price is a little steep for the size of the product; but in reality you’re paying for a quality machined product that will save your hands and your welds in the long run.

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