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Victor Cutting Torch Set

A cutting torch can really open up your opportunities when it comes to working with larger pieces of metalwork. Using pressurized gases as fuel to cut through metal can be exciting as much as it is dangerous. The Victor Cutting torch set aims to give you every piece that is essential to get you up and running on your cutting ventures. There are other companies that also make torches and accessories, so we set out to see if Victor and their century long run of making torch tools withstood the test of time.

Victor The Brand

As stated above, Victor is a very well trusted brand within the industry. With over a century of experience in making gas powered cutting tools and accessories, they’re one of the most trusted and tested in the field. That’s not to say other companies are incapable of making safe and efficient tools, but Victor is known for their ease of use and simplicity in design.

The Torch Essentials

With the Victor Cutting Torch set, you get everything you could need for your first ventures into metalworking with a torch. The setcomes with a pair of protective goggles fit with shaded lenses to protect your eyes from the brightness, a striker for igniting the gas, a brazing tip, and of course the torch body.

Torch Gas Regulators

Probably the most important part of this Victor Cutting Torch set comes with a set of oxygen and acetylene gas regulators. Proper pressure regulation of your outflowing gases is key to getting the right flame and control when you’re cutting. Typically, 10 PSI Acetylene to 40 PSI Oxygen is sufficient pressure settings for cutting; though we recommend you take a look at one of our guides or on the internet for the proper settings for your applications and equipment you’re using.

Torch Body

The Victor torch body included in this set has their latest iteration handle, which provides an ergonomic grip. Your acetylene and oxygen flow knobs are color and letter labeled for ease of use and recognition. Also inside the handle are anti flashback valves, so provided for whatever reason your flame consumes gas back into the handle of the torch, the valves will prevent the flame from igniting all the way back through the handle of the torch and igniting your fuel bottles. This level of safety is paramount when it comes to messing with something as dangerous as pressurized gas and fire, and is a welcome safety addition.

Heavy duty Torch Hoses

The Torch hoses you get with your Victor Cutting Torch set come in at around 20 feet in length. They’re made of a durable wound rubber and the fittings of the hoses are crimped on with a style similar to how you’d press on hydraulic hose fittings, meaning they’re fully capable of handling much more pressure than you’ll ever be putting through them. The fittings themselves are threaded for their proper application so you won’t be able to cross contaminate them (oxygen is right hand threaded, and acetylene is left.)

The Final Verdict

We Modern Makers has been using Victor torch products since we first began working in the trades. Every person in our shop has become very accustomed to Victor and all of their accessories. The new ergonomic grip handle, while comfortable, doesn’t really make too much of a difference from our experience; but without much change in price between it and the non gripped version you might as well get everything you can value wise. This Victor Cutting Torch set comes in fairly reasonably priced and has a fairly decent amount of savings when compared to buying everything individually, so we’d recommend that you get the package all together instead of buying separate parts if you’re looking to take the plunge into playing with fire. This is probably one of the most complete sets out there as far as torch tools goes, and we believe its a great quality set for the DIY firebug.

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