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Recent Welding Posts

Darkx Welding Magnets

Welding magnets can open windows for creativity and flexibility when it comes to creating more intricate designs without the need of a second set of hands or “jerry rigging” some makeshift stands to hold your project in place. Darkx offers this 8 piece set at a great price point, but do they hold well enough for the price? Find out in our review.

Victor Cutting Torch Set

Playing with fire. Everyone loves to feel the heat and see a great flame, and using it to actually be productive is just a plus. This Victor Cutting Torch Set aims to give you every piece of equipment to get you in the door of cutting steel with a beautiful flame. Check out our product overview here.

Stronghandtools MIG Pliers

Something you might not consider right off the bat when building your toolbox for welding equipment is a proper pair of pliers. A good set of MIG Pliers can really help save you time and provide convenience. The Stronghand MIG Pliers aims to do just that and a little more, and we put them to test in our review.

Estwing Welding and Chipping Hammer

Estwing has almost a centuries worth of time making and manufacturing striking tools for a plethora of craftsmen. With their patented handle material design, see what Estwing has to offer in this revolutionary chipping hammer in our review.

TIG-Pen Filler Rod Feeder

One of the biggest hurdles for the novice TIG welder is learning to control two hands asynchronously. While some purists are going to argue that the proper welder should learn to control their feeding of filler rod using only their hands, We Modern Makers is all for simplicity and working “smarter” not “harder”. See if this gimmick is actually capable of making your welding process easier.

Tanox Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Tanox is aiming to provide pure value to the novice welding community by making an auto darkening helmet and including a complimentary pair of welding gloves with the kit. See whether this value skimps on quality or delivers just what a novice might need when testing the waters of a new trade.


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