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WEN 8 Inch Drill Press

A drill press is a handy bench tool for any at home creator. From routing out the proper hole to drilling out precisely placed holes and countersinking them for a specific inlay. This WEN 8 inch drill press is a smaller press than what we typically use here in our shop, but no matter the size, this small drill press will save you a lot of headache and provide you with a stable base to do your work.

About WEN

WEN has been making tools for the woodworking industry since 1951 when it was first established. WEN was one of the first tool makers to really bring electricity to tools, or “power-tools”. WEN is an american enterprise with its headquarters located in Elgin, Illinois. With over 60 years in the field, and over 50 million tools sold worldwide, WEN is a standing workers brand that knows what they’re doing when it comes to tools. 

Variable Speed

The WEN 8 inch drill press comes with a 1/3 horsepower motor with a 5 speed variable selection. The speeds vary vastly in RPM coming from 740 all the way up to 3140 RPM. The chuck will accept up to your standard half inch drill bit, and has a handy chuck key holder on the side (though we all know how easily it is to misplace it.) 

Easy Angled Drilling

The WEN 8 inch Drill press comes with a working table that has an easily adjustable 45 degrees of bevel to either side. Between the working angle and the ability to rotate your working surface to align any hole perfectly no matter what you’re working on. 


The drill depth of this WEN 8 inch drill comes in with a throw action at two inches, with an adjustable throw stop to keep you drilling the same consistent hole depth over and over for any given project. This is pretty standard for any drill press, but the fact that WEN included this in this rather budget friendly tool is a plus none the less. This level of depth control mixed with the quick-lock adjustable working surface and 45 degree bevel table makes this drill press a top contender for anyone looking to build their beginning woodworking table. 


Bolted down to a working table, this WEN drill press delivers on power, control, and consistency throughout the work being done. Overall, the chuck worked fairly standard to any other typical drill press and it was easy enough to switch between different drill bits. The locking mechanism on the adjustable table provides enough leverage to lock the deck into place without having to fight it, and it slides fairly well up and down the base shaft fairly nicely enough, but we decided to add a little lubricant to ours just to reduce the amount of drag. 

The build of the throw handles didn’t feel like they were going to break under pressure, but do keep in mind that this is a rather small drill press and should be treated a little more delicately than a larger model. WEN did it right when making this consumer friendly and introductory level drill press, and overall it delivers on everything you’d expect from such a product. 

Final Verdict

We Modern Makers believes that this is a sturdy little monster more than capable of tackling your everyday woodworking needs. Though it is more in the compact category, it has more than enough mouth and drill throw to accomplish what you would typically run into in a woodworking project. One of the biggest selling factors for us when looking at this WEN 8 inch drill press is its price point. It is significantly cheaper than a larger press while still having the full capabilities of one, all while giving you a name brand product from a reputable company who were one of the major pioneers in powered tools all those decades ago. For the price and what you get for it, this WEN 8 inch drill press gives you everything you could possibly need when starting out as an apprentice carpenter, and we believe whole heartedly that you won’t regret your purchase if you so choose to buy from WEN. 

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