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Rexbeti 10 Piece Premium Wood Chisel Set

Interested in a wood chisel set that won't break the bank? Rexbeti's got it

One of the most essential tools in a carpenters arsenal is a good set of wood chisels. For engraving, inlaying, offsetting cuts, or clearing debris from improper joining. Rexbeti is currently one of the leading innovators in cheap, dependable, and quality premium wood chisels. Rexbeti takes it to the next level by including a form-fitting ergonomic handle design that will help to absorb vibrations for hammer swings into your hands.

This is a citation of what a wood chisel is from wikipedia

 “A chisel is a tool with a characteristically shaped cutting edge (such that wood chisels have lent part of their name to a particular grind) of blade on its end, for carving or cutting a hard material such as wood, stone, or metal by hand, struck with a mallet, or mechanical power.”

What comes in Rexbeti 10 Piece Premium Wood Chisel Set

We Modern Makers have been using a plethora of different brands of wood chisels and gouges, and what makes Rexbeti such a good brand is how approachable and easy to access their product is for the beggining woodworking craftsman. This product comes in its own premium carrying case complete with.

The six wood chisels included in this product from Rexbeti are more than enough for any hands-on woodworker to create beatiful and intriquite pieces of woodwork. Whether you’re trying to whittle down an inlay or hand carve a design into a fresh piece of lumber, this set will give you everything you need to do that; all without breaking the bank. Each measurement incriment has a proper usability to it, and the blade thickness is both thick enough to keep from flexing, but thin enough to not feel bulky or cumbersome when doing more detailed work.

These chisels come from the factory with your standard 25 degree bevel; but We Modern Makers suggests taking use of the Honing guide and sharpening stone included in this product and going straight to a 30 degree micro-edge for a stronger shearing surface. This will give you more ease of use, and this rule can be applied to any chisel set, not just this particular one from Rexbeti (though the included 30 degree honing guide does help.) Adding a 30 degree bevel to the chisel blade severely increases the shelf life of the chisel blade, as well as makes breaking away at the wood that much easier.

All wood chisels included

Honing Guide and 2-sided sharpening stone

Easy On The Hands

Inside the ergonomic grip handles are the chisel blades. These chisels are made with a Heat-treated chrome vanadium steel alloy, which gives them the durability to not only strike against the hardest of woods, but give the overall chisel a longer lifespan as this is also the material used on the end-caps for the striking surface. A strong and sturdy striking surface in a solid one-piece design means a smooth and easy cutting experience in comparison to some older style chisels. Having a rubberised grip also aids in the comfort during long projects, and provides some anti-slip protection as well. No one wants to drop their hammer target mid-swing.

Woodworking chisels come in at an astounding amount of pricepoints, and it can be overbearing for the entry level beginner woodworker. That reason alone is one of the biggest driving factors as to why We Modern Makers decided to put together this review of this great product, as the entry price point for these chisels is remarkable for what you get with this product. There is a lot of quality of life changes in the packaging and design that Rexbeti is addressing, and We Modern Makers approves.

Protect Your Edge

One of the nice little added touches that Rexbeti includes with these wooden chisels is protective caps for the chisel blades. So not only are you getting an organised hard carrying case for your blades and sharpening stone, the blades themselves also come with a rubberized safety cap to protect the blade ends you worked so hard to sharpen from being damaged, as well as protecting you from those blades. You’d be surprised what exposure to moisture or a simple fall from the table can do to a chisel blade, so that makes these end caps a nice bonus.

We Modern Makers places Rexbeti in the one of the best wood carving chisel sets you can buy on the market right now, and not only that but amazon is the primary carrier of the product with it being a part of their prime shipping program. So at a value of well over the price point and being able to recieve them within two days without leaving your shop, it seems like this product is a no-brainer for the day to day hobbyist carpenter. There are definitely some higher cost chisel sets on the market, and we even review some of them here on our site, but that shouldn’t sway you from the fact that what you are purchasing here with Rexbeti isn’t quality. We even venture to say that you will like Rexbeti and their product more than the likes of craftsman chisels sets and others.

Chisel Blade Caps featured in Rexbeti Chisel set

Never Sharper

Rexbeti is a newer brand to the tool market, but don’t let that fool you. Aside from selling high quality wood chisels at an affordable price, they also have a vast list of other products that all rank really well with wood craftsmen. It’s not only the price that makes this company worth investing in; its their garuntee. Rexbeti offers a lifetime warantee on this toolset. So, if you manage to damage your wood chisels at any point during their use, all that is required is for you to contact their after-sales team and they will promptly replace your product. Not many companies offer a lifetime warantee and honor it as well as Rexbeti does.

At full disclosure, we do work as an affiliate with amazon. However, this does not sway us to write untrustworthy and less objective reviews about the product, because the growth and success of our community means more to us than the small percentage we gain from the link. We Modern Makers appreciates you and thanks you for your support in keeping this site running.

The Final Verdict

In all, We Modern Makers give Rexbeti 10 piece premium Wood chisel set a solid rating, and believe it is the perfect entry point for the beginner woodworker and seasoned craftsman alike. We believe that you will have no regrets purchasing from Rexbeti, and that is why we have decided to do this review for their product. Creating an entry-point for a vanishing art is all the rage as far as we’re concerned, and what better way to represent a product that’s doing it right from the start than by giving them a proper review.


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