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WORKPRO 20 oz Claw Hammer

WORKPRO brings something slightly new to the table with their 20 oz forged claw hammer.

One of the first tools a person thinks of when they are thinking about carpentry is the claw hammer. Not only is a good claw hammer an essential part of woodworking, an improperly balanaced, poorly crafted claw hammer can make driving or pulling nails an extremely taxing task. We Modern Makers have gone through several hammers over the years, and this is one of the ones in our arsenal that is here to stay. Although their are slightly cheaper options available out there, we believe the current price-to-quality ratio in this hammer sets it slightly above its competitors. By design, this hammer will not only be more comfortable to continuously swing on a longer winded project, it will also be a lot more durable than your standard two piece carpenters hammer due to it’s hardened drop forged once piece design.

WORKPRO has over twenty years in the DIY industry, crafting tools that are accessible and affordable for the average homeowner. The company is American founded and is run out of North Carolina. Workpro has a long line of hand tools that all are rated fairly well especially for their price range, and this claw hammer is no exception. From the 20 oz hammer weight to its industry defying ergonomic handle with its own unique anti-vibratory design that is unique to WORKPRO and their brand, this is truely a product we stand behind as DIY home builders and believe that after reading our product review; you’ll trust WORKPRO, too.

Hammer Balance

The hammer itself is well balanced, with enough heft to drive a nail without and excessive amount of force behind the swing. Coming in at 20 oz, its slightly over your typical 16 oz claw hammer, but some of that weight comes in from the aggressive handle design which we will get to later in this product reivew. One of the more unique design aspects of this hammer is its magnetic nail-starting head. For the less experienced nail driver, this is a literal hand saver. You simply place the nail head into the head of the claw hammer, and with a little force drive it into the working surface. This gives you the ability to set nails without having your other hand holding it in position, and once you’re experienced enough your free hand will be waiting in the nail bag with the next nail ready to go.

The Claw End

The forks on this claw hammer are a bit on the thicker side for us here at We Modern Makers, but thats mostly due to WORKPRO trying to develop a properly balanced hammer head that swings with ease and precision. The nail slot is also a bit complicated to handle just because of the thickness of the forks. For most jobs, this won’t be an issue as you can just use a nail pry to lift a sunken nail which you’re most likely to do anyways. The overall strength and durability of this hammer is great, and this is attributed to the fact that it is a single piece drop forged design, meaning the entire body and head of the claw hammer are one solid piece with the handle built around it. One piece hammers have a lot of benefits over your traditional two-piece head and handle hammers, as most of the time the two piece design tends to come apart over time due to wear between the handle and the hammerhead. We Modern Makers almost strictly uses one piece forged hammers in all of our projects because of this, because who wants to be stuck in the middle of a project because of a broken tool.  

The Handle

WORKPRO spent a lot of time getting the design right for this hammer. The handle has a patent pending Air Cushion built into the handle itself, which really does help aleviate a lot of the aftershock vibrations between strikes. And if the unique handle design wasn’t enough, the texture of the rubberized material for the handle will keep it from slipping mid swing, and it is also secured to the hammer with a high grade bolt at the base of the handle to prevent the handle casing from slipping off of the forged body. This is often an oversight for most carpenters, but it can really help with swing accuracy and keep your hands in good shape. Comfort and durability are important factors to us at We Modern Makers, and we believe WORKPRO has done their due diligance to not only deliver a quality product, but a product that will keep you building one project after the next.

WORKPRO 20 Oz Claw Hammer Summary

In all, We Modern Makers would say this is a solid choice for a modern everyday claw hammer. Its ergonomic benifits provide you the comfort and handling you need when placing your nails into your project, and the 20 oz. weight gives it enough extra heft to really drive it home. The claw portion leaves a little to be desired, but generally speaking, you’re going to use an actual nail removal tool when it comes to removing the more stubborn sunken nail anyways. The magnetic nail-starter is a godsend among modern hammer heads, and honestly it needs to become more of a staple within the industry. Whether you’re purchasing this hammer as the first part of your carpentry set, or just as a general tool for maintaining your home, we believe that you will be satisfied with the WORKPRO claw hammer and everything that is has to offer.

As a general disclaimer, We Modern Makers does work as an affiliate for Amazon. However, this does not sway us from writing you the most informative and objective reviews about the product. If you’d like to support us, feel free to purchase this hammer through our link, or you can go to amazon and purchase it yourself. Either way, we thank you for supporting our site and keeping it running.


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